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Postboks 316, 9171 Longyearbyen
Telefoon: +47 79 02 46 00

Three of our five eco-lodges are only accessible by dog sledges or snowmobiles during winter and by boat during summertime. 

Trapper's Hotel

In Longyearbyen we invite our guests to Trapper’s Hotel opened in 1999. This is our main base on the island, in the middle of the capital town Longyearbyen, and the point of departure for expeditions into the wilderness.

Trapper's Station

In Bolterdalen we depart on expeditions from Trapper's Station opened in 2000. It is a replica of an old trapper’s station and houses 80 Alaskan huskies trained for dog mushing. The station also offers unique opportunity for catering and accommodation. 

Kappe Linné

At Kapp Linné, 90 km from Longyearbyen, we welcome our guests to Isfjord Radio, opened in 2007. This is the only full-scale boutique hotel outside of Longyearbyen, converted radio station in the middle of remarkable arctic wilderness, facing the Barents Sea. 

Ship In The Ice

At Tempelfjord we can accommodate you on the exclusive Ship In The Ice, opened in 2001. Guests stay on board the 100 years old schooner, Noorderlicht – frozen in the ice at winter time and sailing in the fjords at summer time. 

Nordensköld Lodge

At Billefjorden we are proud to present our newest eco-destination, Nordenskiöld Lodge, opened in 2012. Here you can enjoy your breakfast in front of the magnificent Nordenskiöld Glacier and watch polar bears hunt seals on the ice.

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